Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday's Feast

Friday's Feast

Friday, December 08, 2006 - Feast One Hundred & Twenty One

Appetizer - Which language would you like to learn and why?

I took several years of French in high school and college and still retain enough to be able to translate a little bit of the written language. Not much spoken. I'd love to be fluent in French. I just think it's a beautiful language to speak and hear.

Soup - What's the funniest thing you've heard or read so far this week?

Tink has been in rare form in the "Conversations" mode this week. That'll be a separate post... Suffice to say sometimes kids when they're angry or upset can really say some funny things...

Salad - Which movie was so bad you couldn't watch the whole thing?

I can't recall ever actually leaving a movie theatre or turning off a video just because it was unwatchable. The worst movie I recall seeing in the theatre was "The Stuff", a wretched little "horror" movie with an stupefyingly boring Michael Moriarty.

Main Course - If there were a holiday in your honor that didn't use your actual name, what would the day be called?

There already is: Father's Day.

(cue "awwwwwwww"'s)

No, if I were a big time famous dude who like, freed slaves or invented Jello or something, my holiday would be called: Arts Appreciation Day where all forms of art: music, dance, theatre, painting, etc. would be honored and performed/created. And they would serve nachos and dip, cause I love nachos and dip. And Cheese Bings from Old College Inn.

Dessert - Name one movie which is coming out soon that you would like to see.

I'd like to see "The Nativity". If the production quality is anything like "Passion of the Christ" it's going to be a heck of a film...

My son wants to see "Night at the Museum" because he just finished the book about the movie, and he started it before he even realized it was a movie that was coming out soon...

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