Monday, December 04, 2006

And What Was Your Sunday Like?

Here's mine:
  • 6:45 Get up, drive to church.
  • 9:00 Direct choir in big Christmas cantata with orchestra accompaniment
  • 11:00 Direct choir in big Christmas cantata with orchestra accompaniment again
  • 12:00 Run to Buddy's directly after last note of 11am service, pick up lunch for myself and Tink while Laura fixes Tink's makeup for the show coming up...
  • 12:30 Drive myself and Tink to Oak Ridge
  • 1:15 Prepare for performance
  • 2:00 Direct band for final "The King and I" performance
  • 5:00 Strike band equipment, load everything into car while helping get Tink out of costume
  • 5:05 Learn panic-stricken Tink believes she's lost her street clothes
  • 5:10 Find Tink's street clothes hanging where she left them, resolve panic
  • 5:40 Finish loading car, say last goodbyes, drive back to church
  • 5:41 Realize you left Tink behind, return to theatre
    (just kidding on the last)
  • 6:15 Get to church, grab bite to eat from youth supper, hand Tink back off to Laura who was there for handbell practice
  • 6:30 Rehearse with church youth for Christmas play coming up in two weeks. Rejoice because all of them get there eventually.
  • 8:15 Go home
  • 8:45 Spend small amount of quality time with family, watch Seahawks kill Denver defense and ruin my fantasy team's chances this week, watch replay of last second Titans field goal I taped earlier, cuddle with Tink and her wet hair just out of the shower, watch a bit of Harry Potter with BrainyBoy
  • 9:30 Rest of family goes to bed. I'm too wired to sleep. Watch more football. Eat popcorn.

And how was your Sunday?

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