Tuesday, December 19, 2006

How the Mighty Have Fallen...

My wife would probably laugh at me for posting this..

But let's put it this way - Tennessee fans out there, think back to when UT won the national championship in 1998. Great, huh? And for you Red Sox fans, remember when they won the Series 2-3 years ago? What an experience! Finally, there must be a time when your high school team won the state basketball title, or your cousin's Jr Varsity Lacrosse team won the Region?

Now imagine three of those championships rolled into the span of one or two weeks. Pretty exciting, heady stuff right? And wouldn't you feel like at least one of them would do nearly as well the following year, right?


(here's where the laughing starts)

Last year I placed 1st in all three of my fantasy football leagues. All Three. First place. Won the league, won the tournament, the whole thing.

This year?

Flopped in all three. Because of the less-than-stellar machinations of New Orleans QB Drew Brees, who was on two of my teams, and other factors they all lost in the first round of our playoffs.

So no three-peats this year.

I'm sorry, why all of you are out there laughing about how pathetically sad this sounds, I'm going to go off here and sulk.

Oh wait - one more thing that just makes it that little touch worse.

The aforementioned wife? Her fantasy team had a bye this week, and now plays my opponent for a shot at the championship.

Hmm...I think I'll try Fantasy Golf...

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