Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Now That's Sum Classy Lit'ratyur

Painstakingly transcribed from a cartoon on the side of a Krystal cup:

Girl: What are you doing?
Boy: Don't peek. It's a surprise.
G: This better be good.
B: Don't worry.
B: Happy Birthday!
B: Fry?
G: I love you as much as Krystal.
B: Slurp.
G: Giggle.

G: (to us) I knew my boyfriend was special when he set up a Krystal picnic for my birthday. 8 Krystals, fries, flowers and one coke with two straws. He's so sweet.

Marilee Harrison
Savannah, TN
I need to add this little heartfelt dialogue exchange to the post below of things that made me cry...

But what's extra funny is reading this without the benefit of the cartoon pictures. Until you get to her soliloquy at the end, it sounds pretty dirty.

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