Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Christmas Capitalism and Field Trip Follies

Well, we did just like I said. Tink and I ate dinner, played Monopoly, bounced a balloon back and forth to each other and watched Looney Tunes until she went to bed.

One word about the Monopoly game we played. It was the Christmas version (one of about 10 versions we have, including Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Monopoly Jr., and I think maybe Green Acres. I'll have to check.) and she insisted on buying and selling yule-themed real estate. The thing about the Christmas version is some of the cards require you instead of advancing to St. Charles Place or taking a ride on the Reading Railroad, is to sing a chorus of "Jingle Bells" in order to keep from paying $100. In May. Ok, whatever. I sang. I'll sing anything. I'll sing "Ina-Gada-Davida" to keep from paying $100.

Then another card signified, "You've been elected Head Elf! Pay each player who voted for you $50" Wow. Institutionalized bribery up there at the North Pole.

Anyway, great holiday capitalistic cheer was spread all around. Even the cat put on his reindeer antlers.

So, my wife calls about 10:30. The fourth graders, she, and the rest of the parents spent the evening at the Grand Ole Opry, listening to - in her words - "some of the whiniest country music I ever heard." Yep, welcome to Nashville. Unfortunately Porter Wagner was supposed to appear but called in sick. But there were several performers they enjoyed, so it seemed to work out.

When they got to the hotel after the concert they found out the reservations had all been lost.

Welcome to Nashville...

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