Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Am: A Meme

I AM: wondering if there is anything I actually have control over.

I WANT: to know what I'm supposed to be doing.

I WISH: there was a lot less competition in the world.

I HATE: not being able to spend more time with my kids.

I MISS: being a kid.

I HEAR: an air conditioner. If I'm lucky, it's on.

I WONDER: what I might be eating for dinner tonight.

I REGRET: not being more decisive when starting my theatre career.

I AM NOT: in the mood to argue about it anymore. You win.

I DANCE: my Tink balancing on my toes.

I SING: anytime, anywhere, any song.

I CRY: during "Mr. Holland's Opus". Twice. Every time.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: confident in my abilities.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: letters magically appear on a computer screen.

I WRITE: HTML code. I wish I could write fiction. I wish I could write songs and stories that make people gasp, or smile, or think, or want to change their lives.

I CONFUSE: how to spell "weird" or "wierd".

I NEED: a weekend off with my wife.

I SHOULD: really stop blogging and reading blogs at work but that would mean doing more work, and who wants that?

I START: my work days the same way every day.

I FINISH: my work days the same way every day. Rut, what?

I TAG: the usual suspects.

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