Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Round 2

Now Tink is sick with 101 temp, throwy-uppy last night, headed to the doc, yada yada yada.

So far neither Laura or us have it. It's called mycoplasma, which is a preliminary form of walking pneumonia that we had last year. Caught early, it goes away fairly quickly.

On the positive side, BrainyBoy v8.97 is back at school today. Tired, a little cough-y, but much better.

(by the way, if you've noticed BrainyBoy's version numbers steadily and inexorably creeping upward lately - understand that his 9th birthday is in about 2 weeks. And he doesn't let us forget)

UPDATE: Tink has the flu. Actually, two flu's - type A and type B. "It's two (click) two (click) two flu's in one!" Laura and I have both had our shots, so we'll see what happens. Actually, so far today she (Tink) hasn't had that high a fever, and none of the other typical symptoms, so we're holding our breath.

Knoxville and Loudoun County schools have been hit hard by the flu and these other illnesses. One local elementary school had 80 kids - 1/4 of their population - out today. Keep us all in your prayers.

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