Thursday, February 24, 2005

Back at Work, and Sleepy

I'm back at work today, relieving the tomb-ness that results when either myself or Hatamaran are not in our offices. Feeling a bit better...I could've stayed home another day -- I've got app. 1,441 hours of sick time built up -- but the accumulated work that builds up while I'm away from my desk is not worth the extra day of couch-hugging. So here I am.

Plus, I have my sleep study tonight. At 7:30pm, I'm scheduled to show up with my cotton pajamas (not actually on at that moment, I'm assuming), snacks, drink, this book and hopefully a little less illness than I have now.

We're trying to determine whether I have sleep apnea, and if so how severe or non-severe. According to reports published on the AP by my wife, I snore at night. A real honker, apparently. Also, there are moments during sleep where I stop breathing abruptly for several seconds at a time (those moments where I've wandered into a dark alley in a dream, no doubt), then suddenly recover. I don't recall these moments, but I suppose we'll find out if they're true.

I'm stuffy, though, and still cough-y and congested-y, so I hope it won't disrupt the results. If they need another go-around, I'm already scheduled to go back again next week. I'll blog about the experience tomorrow.

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