Monday, February 14, 2005

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Upgrade Released

Yesterday morning, approximately 12:01 am, BrainyBoy v9.0 was released. The new version promised to be an improvement over the old version 8 in many ways - including:
  • cleanliness (self and room)
  • temperment, toward parents especially
  • not beating up his sister quite so much
  • less time on the GameBoy, more reading books
  • will solve world peace and hunger, and bring about harmony and prosperity to all mankind before the end of the year
(we're still working on that last improvement)

The new upgrade should prove to be more efficient that previous versions, and go to bed earlier and easier, get up sooner and actually clean up after his hamburger wrappers.

Unfortunately, this upgrade is a prototype model and is not available to the general public. His newfound maturity has made him available to anyone wanting a good singer and actor for a 9-year-old boy in movies that will pay him and his parents big bucks. Like a remake of Bugsy Malone, the Broadway stage version of Newsies, or perhaps Indiana Jones' new son, "Tennessee Jones". Fees are negotiable.

(Note - if the producers of a "Newsies" Broadway musical need someone to play the Bill Pullman role, I'm available)

Congratulations to the entire BrainyBoy v9.0 production team, and here's to success in many future upgrades to come.

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday BB :)

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