Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I've Got a Beeeeeellion Dollars For You...

Why do these "long lost relative from Nigeria who used to be a deposed king but was killed in a fiery helicopter crash in the Congo and now his heirs need your help to smuggle his fortune out of the country for the low low price of only $10,000" spam email's never get caught in a spam filter?

Yahoo's spam filter is great - very rarely do I ever get any unwanted email in my inbox. But when I do, invariably it's one of these kinds.

I will admit, they are pretty creative and sometimes make for good reading.

Oh, and if you never read the account of how a guy turned the tables on one of these spammers, go here and follow the links at the top of the post called "Catching Up". It's a great set of stories where a gentleman pretended to be a disgruntled housewife and actually took the spammer up on his offer. Hijinks ensued...

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