Sunday, January 09, 2005

Second Bloggiversary 2004 Year-In-Review

Two years ago, I started my blog and the Inn of the Last Home was born. One year ago I published a list of what I felt were my more noteworthy posts of 2003.

So in the spirit of all that's newsworthy and pithy, I'm opening up the log books of the Inn of the Last Home for 2004. Enjoy.


Encourage, Not Discourage - Should schools post honor rolls? Should they even give out grades?


Who Am I? - On blog anonymity and credibility. Or lack thereof.
What to Write, What to Write... - This one I was particularly proud of, and got linked to more than anything else I've done, I believe. In this entry I publicly thrash out my internal political turmoil.


Free Will - Whose side is God on, anyway? Let's talk about it...
What A Pal - You know, I wrote this post about Neil Simon being donated a kidney - and now I have no idea what the joke I put at the end means...
For The Living - I attend the funeral of a friend's brother, and my discussion on what funerals are really about.
Conversations I - 1st of this years discussions with GiggleGirl/Tink
Word - A rare and puzzling exchange with BrainyBoy (v8). Yo.
My Reply - Oh, Bubba, Bubba, Bubba. This may be a little confusing out of context, but hey...what blog entry isn't? But then, SKB's a little confusing in context anyway...


Pollenteer Talegait Harty - Glurp the Gully Dwarf whomps me over the head with a dead rat on April Fool's Day and hijacks the Volunteer Tailgate Party. Hilarity ensues.
All Keyed Up - I'm a witness to a crime.
Please, Make It Stop! - "KISS YOUR SUBSCRIPTION GOODBYE!" I'm told, in no uncertain terms. Not.
Conversations: Saved by the Bell - More baby talk with GiggleGirl/Tink


Hmm. May was a bit barren. Must've had my mind on other things. Well, there's a couple of Willy Wonka posts if you must read something...


Time Passes - My thoughts on the death of an old classmate.
AdventureCon - A family's adventures in the wild, untamed world of sci-fi and comics conventions...
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: My Thoughts - Er, just what it says.
A Tragedy of Errors? - Six Unforgivable Mistakes on 9/11 caused by lack of communication.


Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Noodle Nada. Our trip to Hilton Head sucked the creative juices out of me. Keep moving...


SPOON: The Continuing Crisis - Day 4 - Be afraid of mysterious utensils. Be very afraid of mysterious utensils.
GoldenBoySchlagerGateUpdate - My favorite post title of all time. Something about a local political goof-off throwing his weight around. It was more interesting at the time, but I still just love the title.
GiggleGirl and friend at Hilton Head - Just a picture. But I love this one.
My 20th High School Reunion:
      What's Old is New Again (Part 1 - Prep)
      What's Old is New Again (Part 2 - Friday)
      What's Old is New Again (Part 3 - Saturday)


My New Obsession - I drool over The West Wing.
Rudeness - "PROFANITY! This is utter PROFANITY PROFANITY. This is the worst kind of PROFANITY mess I've ever seen!" No, I didn't say it. But I have something to say about it...
From the Dark To The Light - I may have been a little harsh on this one, but I can't stand cowards.
One Shining Moment - On the cusp of heaven with GiggleGirl/Tink.
Pet Peeve of the Day - B my name is Barry, dammit. B-a-r-r-y. Got it??? GOT IT???
Conversations III - Who's the parent here? I forget...


Curing the Lame - An unpopular opinion on a popular subject, apparently. Of course Christopher Reeve might've been able to walk again someday - why not??
Blogger Laws - This one got some linkagery, too. Please, if you read this post - add some more!




Tomorrow is Just 24 Hours Away... - This started as just a post about the 1st Season set of the show "24" but it evolved into something way, way deeper.
The Working Life: Part 1 and Part 2 - So, what do you do at work anyway?

That's 2004 for you. Sometimes I was deep, sometimes I was just silly. I had fun, hope you did too. Have a great 2005!

UPDATE: In other bloggiversary news, Logtar is one and Ms Zoot is one, also.

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