Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Gigglegirl: Daddy?

Me: Yes?

GG: Where do babies come from?

Uh oh...

Me: Well, they come out of their mommy's tummy...

The standard party line. I waited, wondering what I would need to answer next.

GG: Oh. Daddy?

Me: Yes, dear?

GG: How do babies eat?

Good - no mechanical questions. On we go.

Me: Well, babies have no teeth so they have to eat soft stuff. Like mashed up food, and they drink milk from bottles and from their mommy's chest.

Ok, slipped breastfeeding in there - that's for you, Katie. What's next, how do they do their taxes?

GG: Oh. Daddy?

Me: Yes?

GG: How do babies sleep?

Not often enough, kid, not often enough...

Me: Um, they sleep pretty much like everyone else does. Except more. And at wierder times.

Anything else?

GG: Oh. Daddy, let's play the Goofy game!

Spacial anomoly averted, Captain - resuming course and speed.

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