Tuesday, March 09, 2004

A Public Service Announcement

Slight Clarification

To waffle on an issue does not mean you take a stand one way 15 years ago, and take another stand today.

Nor does it mean you take a stand on an issue 5 years ago and take a different stand today.

Nor does it mean taking a stand on an issue 2 days ago and taking a different stand today.

Waffling on an issue is when you take a stand 2 days ago, take a different stand today, and then either go back to the old stand or adopt an entirely new one 2 days from now.

There, are we clear? Now, can we all use the term in its proper context and stop accusing candidates of "waffling" on the issues just because they thought a different way several years ago?

I know some folks don't have to much else to grasp at, but hey, use your heads...

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