Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Gettin' a Whuppin!

Good for you Katie Allison Granju...

"Yesterday I had a really terrible experience at Target. I was shopping by myself and from several aisles away I could hear a little kid crying as her mother kept telling her to "shut up," and then following up by telling her that if she didn't stop crying, she was going to "whup" her. It was awful.

Feeling powerless, I started to leave that area of the store but in doing so, I happened to walk right by their aisle just as the woman proceeded to belt her kid in the head three times.

I literally gasped out loud. It was totally involuntary. I stopped dead and said very loudly, "What in the world do you think you're doing hitting her like that?!"
I hope that if ever I'm in the same situation and I witness such child abuse, I'll also have the courage to stand up against the parent.

Read the whole post for Katie's pursuit of help for the child, and the disgusting reactions by onlookers. Pathetic. And I'm raising my kids alongside yours, who are being taught that might makes right? Good grief.

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