Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Only Winning Move Is...

I was invited by Brian Keegan of the Centrist Coalition to take a look at his group and his blog. Although I don't necessarily agree with each of the specific principles they espouse their idea is refreshing:

"We believe strong leadership involves a bold mix of views drawn partly from the right and partly the left.

On the one hand, we embrace an economic agenda focused on growth and fiscal responsibility. We believe in free trade, fair competition, and limited government.

On the other hand, we embrace an inclusive social agenda that celebrates the rich diversity of American life, and seeks to avoid imposing one person's choices on another. We are pro-choice and pro-civil rights.

We endorse candidates with a bold mix of views consistent with this vision of a prosperous and inclusive America."
As I've been saying lately (and has been unfortunately demonstrated), only a willingness to create new rules will save our political process from partisan self-destruction.

Check out the site - I've added it to my "Best of the Rest" blogroll - and let me know what you think.

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