Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Those tapes....

Purported Saddam tape urges resistance

Another week, another audiotape by a supposedly dead ruler. I have one question - if they have the technology to make an audiotape of Saddam, wouldn't it be fairly easy to make a videotape of him? If his aim is to actually re-moralize his followers, troops, and other Ba'athists - wouldn't it make more sense to shoot a video of himself to assuage all doubts?

These days the gap between audio and video technology is miniscule, even in Iraq to someone with Saddam's connections.

To me, regardless of how sure analysts are of the voice-print, until he releases a videotape there should be no reason to believe he's still alive.

And you can go back and re-substitute Osama for Saddam, and it would be the same thing.

Maybe he's dead, maybe not, but I doubt he's (they're) making the recordings.

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