Tuesday, July 22, 2003

My Two Sons

Uday and Qusay Found and/or killed???

"A U.S. government official told CNN the Bush administration is "reasonably optimistic" that the two sons have 'met their maker.'"
Hmmm...now, where have I heard that before??? Hm. Well, we'll see.

UPDATE: If this is true, apparantly Qusay's teenage son was killed as well:

"A senior Pentagon official said one of the two other bodies appeared to be that of a teenage boy. U.S. officials noted that Qusay has a teenage son."
I never heard Qusay had a son, much less that he was active in the regime. While it's possible, even likely he was a black-hearted as his father and grandfather, it's still a shame to see children corrupted by the sins of their fathers when they should be playing baseball, or starting to like girls, or learning about the good things in the world. All this kid had seen were likely hate, torture, rape and murder.


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