Saturday, July 26, 2003

Suffer the Children

I agree that the world is better off without Uday and Qusay Hussein, and that they were enemy combatants and not political opponents. They were not "assassinated"; they were given ample notice and opportunity to give themselves up, but they opened fire on our troops first and we had no choice but to commence the seige on the house.

I also, however, agree with some people's notion that feeling elation in the deaths of other people is a situation to be avoided. If the opportunity exists for capture with minimal casualties, then that should be the first choice.

What still bothers me is the the lack of information I've been able to find regarding Qusay's son, ______. Was he a full participant in his dad's and grandad's reign of terror? Doubtful, or we would have heard of him before. Was he fully innocent, not participating in the family business? Also doubtful, since he is related, male, and of a certain age. Did he deserve to die in a hail of bullets, TOW missles, tank rounds and goodness-knows-what-else we tossed in there? Well, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and had daddy Qusay been a real daddy he would've gotten him out of harm's way long ago - or in a pinch, sent him out to surrender in the 10-minute time span the American soldiers gave them to surrender.

Ok, playing on this little fantasy, what if Jr. had surrendered or been captured. Would he have been help as a POW or enemy combatant? What would you do with a 14-year-old? Again, much would have depended on his mindset- one has to look only to Dylan Klebold, late of Columbine High School, to know what a 14-year-old is capable of - so it would not be prudent to simply release the young fella. But would we have any right to keep him, maybe to rehabilitate him? Or maybe, you know, as bait to capture Grandpa? Naah, too much Dean Koontz, not enough Tom Clancy.

But none of that happened, because he died in a gun battle protecting his father and uncle. He died when he should've surrendered, should've been sent away for protection, should've been with his mother and other sisters - wherever they are.

He should've never been anywhere near that house, never should've been asked to fight. "Dad - I want to help!" "No, son - it's too dangerous. Go into the cellar and wait for me." "But Dad, I'm old enough! I hate the Americans - I can help you!!" "Quiet, now - go! Now!"

Well, Qusay, old pal.. You were part and parcel to the slaughter of thousands of Shiites. You're fingerprints, along with your father and brother, are on the handle of every gun used to put a bullet into the head of a rebel Iraqi. You turned on the plastic shredders, you filled the acid baths, you tortured the dissidents, killed the children and raped the women.

Guess what - you took the time for one last murder. Congratulations, Qusay, you sick twisted bastard, by not doing what a father should have done, you succeeded in murdering your own son. I hope his death was the last thing you ever saw, and your last thoughts were...

"What have I done?"

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