Sunday, January 19, 2003

Fall of the Titans

The Tennessee Titans lost to the Oakland Raiders tonight in the AFC Championship Game. They played well, but turnovers and an offense that wasn't quite able to keep up with the Raider "O" proved their undoing. Can't say too much about the team's play - good but not good enough. Thanks, Jeff, Eddie, Steve, Frank, Samari, Andre, Derrick, Albert, Jevon, Joe, Craig, Robert, et al for a great season. You made us proud to be Tennesseans again!

One main question thoughts as the night comes to a close:

What self-respecting parent would bring their young kids to Oakland Coliseum? With the assorted demons, devils, pirates, undead and creatures from the 9th Ring of Hades in the stands, I'd make sure my own soul was in good order before going in, much less let my kids near it. What in the world is going through those so-called "Raider Nation" mouth-breathers' heads? Were they dropped on their ears as children? Tortured? Forced to vote Republican? I'd rather spend an entire season in the Dog Pound or with the Hoggettes than watch one game in the company of Sauron, Lord of Mordor and his Uruk-Hai minions. Get a clue.

UPDATE: I realize belatedly that I've jumped mythos and am not being faithful to my theme, here. I meant to say, above that I would hate to watch a game in the company of Takhisis the Dark Queen and the Draconian minions. So sorry for the incredible lapse.

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