Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Not Saying Anything Here...

..but doesn't it look highly odd that the brand new father-in-law of the TB guy (an Atlanta lawyer) is a CDC microbiologist specializing in the spread of TB.
Cooksey works in the CDC's mycobacteriology laboratory branch. He has co-authored papers on diabetes and infectious diseases, including TB. He recently co-authored a report on a bacteria outbreak in bone marrow transplant and oncology patients in a hospital water supply.

I just think it sounds fishy the lawyer contracted the very disease his F-I-L is an expert in.

If this were a Stephen King novel, the CDC guy would've been working with an experimental strain of TB at home when the son-in-law accidently takes a swig, thinking it's soup or something.

Anyway, that's just me.

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