Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jasper 1, Knoxville 0

In the first Sawyer flashback on "Lost" way back in Season 1, it's established that after seeing his father kill his mother and then take his own life, young Sawyer wrote the con man Sawyer a letter. In it, the eight-yr-old wrote that he knew what the con man had done, and that someday he would find him. Young Sawyer never delivered the letter, and he'd kept it with him in an unmailed envelope when he crashed on the island.

The stamp on the envelope read "Knoxville, TN", which revealed to an excited Knoxville community that Sawyer was from here. He was born in 1969 and was 8 when the con/killings happened so that would have put it at about 1977.

Last night, our Sawyer finally caught up with con man Sawyer - who also turned out to be Locke's father - and had gave him the long-awaited letter. I waited in anticipation, knowing that Knoxville or Tennessee would have to be mentioned in some capacity since in the process of dialogue some connection to Sawyer's past had to be made.

Jasper, Alabama???

Our Sawyer asks con Sawyer (aka Anthony Cooper) if he'd ever been to Jasper, AL, and conned a woman there named "Mary". Cooper said he had, and Sawyer eventually kills him for the evil deed.

Rats. Alabama beats us out on something again. Even though I'm pretty sure it was established Sawyer is a native Tennessean, he and his family were apparently living in Jasper at the time and after the deaths he must've been brought to live in Knoxville. That's where he wrote the letter. Well, you can't have it all.

Meanwhile, in the most pointless cameo of the season - hello, Rousseau. Um, bye Rousseau. Would you like fries with that dynamite? You know she's planning to blow something up good with the stuff which will become apparent in a later episode but the exchange between she and Locke, especially after she just vanished after seeing Alex, was extremely odd. Hope she doesn't blowed herself up good like Arnst did... *poof*

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