Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lost in Thought...Greatest Hits

Not quite as many HUH??? moments as last week, but a decent, solid hour. I like how they got all the cast together for one big family reunion (sans Locke, of course) - Losties and Others both. Was there anyone in the main or recurring island cast besides Locke that wasn't in the episode? I don't think I saw Tom, though, in the Others camp but I could be wrong. I thought it was odd that Ben picked Random Other guy I don't remember being mentioned before to lead the 10-man Other Assault on the beach and not Tom, though. Now that Pickett's dead, Tom seemed to be Ben's main "enforcer". I wonder if he's walked? Now that I think about it, we didn't see Mikhail either.

I expected Charlie to die, since the big Sword of Damocles was waving mighty low over his head the whole show. But I'd rather him not, since I kind of like the character - however, he has to defy fate himself by figuring out how to thwart Desmond's vision and save Claire and himself. If it's done for him, out of his control, the character arc and growth is lessened.

How many people said out loud, in unison, "...and then we'll blow them all to hell!" with Jack in the last seconds of the teaser? Me!

I thought the best line was when Charlie apologized to the woozy Desmond and said, "brother". Loved it.

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  1. "...and then we'll blow them all to hell!" - it's just such a great line, you can't help but say it!

    I don't think Charlie will actually die.... I just can't see them taking out such a solid character.

    I am totally at the edge of my seat and can't WAIT for next week! I have a feeling that the season finale is going to leave me wanting even more though and I'll be miserable till the series starts up again in the fall.

    Lost is definitely the best television series EVER.