Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Pointlessness Of It All

Some of you know James Lileks lost his day job.

I really like Lileks, and have read him since I first entered the blogging community. He'll bounce back, hakuna matata there.

But this post isn't about that.

I've never heard of Nancy Nall (hey, everybody can't read everybody), but read her take on Lilek's predicament and her "advice" to him. What's more, read the slew of comments both in support of her and support of Lileks.

It's a prime example of how distorted and self-serving today's politics - especially internet-fueled politics - has become. Nall is liberal, she labels Lileks a conservative (though I believe, as some commenters do, he's more moderate than they believe). Her liberal readers slam Lileks for his politics, Lileks supporters slam them for their slamming, everyone slams everyone for slamming the slammity slam slam out of the other and at the end of day there's just a whole lot of slamming and nobody's actually learned anything. It's fascinating in it's banality and narcissism.

Even if you've never read either online writer, for an example in where partisan politics has led us to today and how the anonymity of the internet has amplified it, take a look.

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