Monday, March 22, 2004

What I Did Over the Weekend

Pretty uneventful, if you ask me. Let's see..
  • Watch BrainyBoy (v8.1) score the winning goal in the final seconds of his second soccer game ever. He's a hefty guy, and not too swift of foot, and he looked like Warren Sapp running for a touchdown out there but I've never been so proud :)

  • Stayed home with BBv8.1 and his buddy from the team as they plated at our house the rest of the afternoon in the warm sunshine

  • Helped him lose a tooth, put it under the pillow, forgot to exchange for a gold dollar, woke up the next morning with him sadly holding the little baggy w/tooth in it to me. I B.S.'ed for a couple of minutes, got him and GiggleGirl wresting on the bed, ran downstairs, quickly exchanged the tooth for a dollar and ran back to get in the shower. To him, I'd never left. I suggested subtly he check again, but he didn't...

    (Wait -- something about this seems familiar...)

  • Discovered my left contact lens had split down the middle so it looked like a Pac Man. Have to wear old crappy glasses with one earpiece held together with tape till I can get a replacement next week :(

  • BBv8.1 stayed with another friend at his house yesterday, had a great time.

  • Oh, yeah, saw a little flick yesterday afternoon...."Passion of the Christ". Wow.

  • Returned home with the kids, advised BBv8.1 to check and see if something had happened with his tooth now, he did and was all "wow's" and smiles to find the gold dollar.
Another weekend for the archives...