Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Eisner's Last Stand?

Listen to the Live Webcast of the Disney Shareholder Meeting in Philadelphia. Maybe some sparks will fly, who knows?

UPDATE: Stanley Gold and Roy Disney are addressing the crowd, with Eisner and the Board in attendance. The Board will be able to rebut after Disney and Gold are finished.

UPDATE 2:Eisner seems to have been retained at 1.775 Billion shares voting to keep him, 771 Million abstaining (aka. voting to remove), which is about 30% removal - about what was expected.

Heh. Interesting - now that the meeting is over, the audio stream is playing "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" and then "Following the Leader" from Peter Pan. Appropriate, I suppose :)

FINAL UPDATE: Sorry, I must have slipped a decimal point or something, because the actual percentage of no votes was closer to 43%, well above anyone's wildest expectations - I suspect the YES votes must've been 1.077 Billion instead of 1.775 Billion, which added to 771 Million would equal the 1.8 Billion shares the news sources are saying are outstanding.

All this to say, the Board late tonight voted to strip Michael Eisner of his Chairmanship of the Board. Former US Senator and Disney Board member George Mitchell will assume the Chairmanship.

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