Monday, March 08, 2004

Blogging in the News

Two articles in today's Knoxvile News Sentinel (slogan: We've Added Online Registration and Passed the Savings on to You!) about local blogging:

Web logs bringing new attention to East Tennessee (Registration Required)

"Mountains, guns, dogs, weather and politics are all longtime fundamental interests of most East Tennesseans. They're also subjects covered at the Rocky Top Brigade, a loosely knit collection of blogs from across the state that includes several East Tennessee sites."
RTB members mentioned include Instapundit, SayUncle, South Knox Bubba, Wandering Hillbilly and A Smoky Mountain Journal (links on blogroll to the right).


Weblogs generating ad bucks (Registration Required)

"At least three high-profile Tennessee bloggers are now running advertisements, with charges as low as $20 a week or as high as $375 a week....The move represents a growing trend of advertising on some weblogs, a trend most recently taken advantage of by candidates for political office."
In this article, those RTB bloggers mentioned are Instapundit (natch), Bill Hobbs and Rev. Sensing of One Hand Clapping (again, links in blogroll).

Skunked again. Guess I'm still not being controversial enough....

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