Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Sad and Scary Quote of the Day

Kerry Cements Nomination; Edwards Out

"In state after state, Democrats said their top priority was a candidate who could defeat Bush, a wartime president with a $100 million-plus campaign treasury."
If that was the voters main objective for voting for Kerry, solely as a protest vote, then the electorate truly hasn't the foggiest notion what electing someone to office means. Absolutely none. And it has nothing to do with Bush, Kerry, Edwards or Pat Paulsen.

If you don't like Bush, that's fine - I don't like him very much. But you must always vote for the person you feel would be the best person for the job. And it's different, in some ways, when you're talking local races for dogcatcher or County Commission or School Board - sure, they're important, but not in a way that could endanger the lives of every person on Earth.

If the voters put Kerry in office solely as a means of getting rid of Bush without being fully cognizent and aware of what kind of person Kerry is, and he screws up - they have no one to blame but themselves.

Again, this isn't really about Kerry. I supported Edwards after Lieberman dropped out and I would be saying the same thing if he had swept through Super Tuesday. People who don't vote their true convictions for President bear the responsbility for whom they elect. And if Kerry beats Bush, and 6 months later we're clouds of free-floating radioactive vapor because he wants the UN to take over the War against Terror, well, I'm coming back to haunt the survivors....

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