Friday, March 26, 2004

Quick Thoughts

  • My take on the whole Richard Clarke fiasco - Predictably, all Liberal bloggers think he's a saint and all Conservative bloggers think he's a sinner. I have yet to find one site that isn't aligned one way or another to break ranks. Nary a one seems eager to look at the information presented and come to their own reasonable conclusion on culpability or opportunism. If you hate Bush, you believe him and take everything he says at face value. If you love Bush, you condemn him and paint him to be the AntiChrist.

    Neither side, while offering amazingly detailed analysis, do very little real objective analyzing.

    Now the ones toward the middle tend to blow it off, or find the whole procedure mind-numbingly partisan and pointless - instead of placing blame, what are we doing to use this information to ensure another 9/11 doesn't happen?

    Oh, sorry, we don't have time. We're too busy making these, and drawing these, and putting this out in public, or posting things like these.

    Grow up, people - just grow up. You left the sandbox behind years ago in daycare.

    Yes, I know I'm going to get hammered from both sides now, but if you think I'm right I'd like to hear from you, too. We've spent a week almost on these hearings and haven't seen anything that makes me feel lessons are being learned that will help us in the future. Republicans, you spent 8 years ridiculing and condemning Clinton. Because of those attacks Democrats are retaliating with unrelenting attacks on Bush. Each side is blind and so consumed with hatred and the desire for revenge nothing else matters - oh, they pay lip service to current affairs, but really it's just us vs. them -- me vs. you -- an eye for an eye and screw anything else.

    Grow up.

  • Call a Tow! - Navy F-18 Crashes at Raleigh Airport

    "Andy Palahnuck told News14 Carolina, "We were watching the two F-18s take off. First one took off, and the second one behind it is the one that had the problem." Palahnuck said the plane had some sort of problem as it came down the runway and that he saw a pilot eject from the craft. He said the plane never got off the ground before crashing."
    Um, not to be picky - and I'm glad the pilot's ok - but since the plane never left the ground, isn't it more accurate to say it wrecked?

  • And You'd Rather...? - Iraqi cleric: 9/11 was a 'miracle from God'

    "An influential Shiite cleric in Iraq called Israel's assassination of the spiritual leader of Hamas a "dirty crime against Islam" and the September 11, 2001, terror attacks "a miracle from God."
    Yeah, you're welcome.

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