Thursday, March 11, 2004

But Where's Helen Hunt?

Today has been declared Blog it Forward Day! Actually, I believe it's Blog it Forward Day VI, so this is apparently one in a long line of sequels. Therefore I'm arbitrarily calling my version Blog it Forward Day VI: The Undiscovered Country.


From Buzzstuff:

" It's really simple. All you need to do is pick someone (or sometwo or somethree) off of your blogroll and post on your site just why you feel that they are linkworthy. Why the heck did you link them? Why are they given that place of prominence over there on your sidebar? Are they funny? Are they wise? Are they just too damn good-looking to pass by? Let us know about them."
Michael Williams of the fine blog "Master of None" was kind enough to include me in his selections, so I'm returning the favor by naming some of my featured blogroll residents:

1) Michael Totten - Michael has quickly become my favorite political blogger. He's an ex-sorta-Democrat who's found a comfortable niche in the middle, and enjoys popularizing his new home. I find his views frequently agree with mine, but he articulates them much better than I so it's a good source for political ideals.

2) Donald Sensing, "One Hand Clapping" - a Rocky Top Brigade member, Rev. Donald is a Methodist Minister from Franklin, TN and has frequent insights into life from a religious perspective. A definite daily read for me.

3) Mark Evanier, "News from Me" - Mark runs a pop culture/animation/comic books/movies/TV/entertainment biz blog and draws from his extensive experience working in the entertainment industry. A fun daily read for the kind of news that I love to read - and no gossip.

And a couple of quick hits:

4) Sofia Sideshow - the trials and travails of an associate film producer making movies in Sofia, Bulgaria. No, really. Where else can you read stories about going out for drinks with John Rhys-Davies?

5) Teresa, of "Hatamaran" - my co-worker and my buddy (even though she is a vegetarian and has an unhealthy fixation with South American pack animals...

Ok, I've fulfilled my duty to king and country so click on!