Friday, March 19, 2004

The Parliament of Dreams

Go and read this:

Could our Dreams be True?

"We were only dreaming, That's what we could do, and you must not share your dream with any one ,because you don't know... maybe they won't like your dream ,and you will be punished for your dream. Believe me-- that's was what happening here.

A lot of changes happened here. Good ones. We can dream freely now. It's a good thing, and beautiful that you can share your dream with any one. But just dreaming is not enough to move life. All of us wants his own dream be true-- and we wish all dreams to be true, if it is possible. I'm going to talk about the Iraqis' dreams. Many dreams came out after they had been kept for a long time, and these dreams show how they think and feel , The shared dream for all Iraqis was to be released from Sadaam's regime...


But what happened on the 9th of April made many Iraqis feel like they were reborn, and brought others to life after they had been dead. They began to think and respond to changes after they could not speak or think, (even with your self!) You can now think, and dream, and share your dream, and let any one know what you are thinking. This is one good step forward, and the rest will come.


All those who bet on civil war in Iraq , well, their dreams have crashed on the rock of the new free Iraq . All the killing stuff they are doing, to "create a situation between the Iraqis" will fail."
This is from an Iraqi blogger, whose blog will soon be added to my blogroll. If you can read his whole post, and still say that the reasons you disagree with in why we liberated Iraq outweigh the reasons why it was a good thing - you have no dreams.

(Link via One Hand Clapping)

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