Tuesday, September 30, 2003

"Barry, Mr. Eisner is on Line 2"

Glenn has a touch choice:

"CNN called to ask if I'd debate [the media and Iraq] on Paula Zahn's show tonight, but I suggested that they call Jeff Jarvis or Jay Rosen instead. I haven't heard back, so I guess one or the other will be on (8:30 ET, I think), no doubt doing a better job than I would have.
Instadaddy's dropping names so fast they're shattering on the floor and making a mess on the carpet. How many people turn down a chance to offer commentary on CNN? Heck, I'd appear in a panel on the expanding habitat needs of New Zealand aardvarks if they asked me....


Oh, wait, I've got a call...

"Hello? Oh, hi, Mr. Irwin. How're things down under?--"

(I'll finish this up later...)

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