Monday, September 15, 2003

Google Referrals

Google Referrals

I've been getting quite a few hits lately from folks looking for "Cancun naked photo" or "WTO naked photo". Apparently bits and pieces of this post are being referenced.

Well, if I had one I wouldn't post it, but you're welcome to look around!

Oh, yeah, just to keep pulling in that Google traffic, here are some more topics I might be writing about, somewhere....

J-Lo and Ben Affleck

Jamal Lewis


Bassett Hounds

Al Franken (may be a little late on this one)

Some more recent Google referral phrases of interest:

"women clotheses photo" (apparently Gollum is now blogging)

"oakland raider governor" (they'll let anyone run in CA)

"what da heck is a visionary philosopher" (don't ask me)

"drunk bunker t.shirt site online in store" (again, don't ask me)

UPDATE: AlphaPatriot speaks on the same subject. What's the subject? Googling for Boobs.

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