Thursday, September 04, 2003

Madeline Rogero's TV Spot

Somehow, inexplicably, some kids got into the TV studio last night and aired a bogus campaign ad for Knoxville Mayoral candidate Madeline Rogero.

Apparently these ne'er-do-wells put together a video of dubious quality, and ruthlessly satirized the Rogero campaign. The amateurish clips supposedly recreated a "dream sequence" in which Rogero finds herself in Bill Haslam's place (the other candidate for mayor) and she now has the money, family support, and name recognition to run a winning campaign.

The end of the spot showed an unidentified woman sitting up in bed, crying that it was "only a dream!".

It's unknown which juvenile delinquents commandeered the TV spot, but hopefully the fake ad has been replaced by a real one - this time with good quality, discussion of the issues, and featuring the real reasons to vote for her for Mayor.

I sincerely trust these rugrats are severe--- wait a sec...

What's that?

That was the real ad???

Ok, now you're just talking crazy talk. There's no way that ad was actually supposed to there?

Oh, my.....

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