Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Stripping for Anti-Globalization

Naked activists protest WTO meeting

"CANCUN, Mexico (AP) -- Activists marched in the streets and stripped on the beaches in an attempt to derail a meeting of the World Trade Organization, at which representatives of 146 countries will try to increase global commerce without throwing millions out of work.


In one of the first protests Monday, 29 activists stripped off their clothes on a public beach and spelled out "No WTO" in the sand with their bodies. "
First of all, this is different from a typical day in Cancun....how?

Second, where exactly in the act stripping and spelling out an slogan on the beach does it contain persuasion abilities? I can understand that protesting and marching can disrupt proceedings, and of course violence causes its own problems, but....stripping??

Let's take a look into the crystal ball....Calling Mexico....come in, Mexico...

Doodly doodly doodly doodly (shimmer effect)

Pierre: Abdul! What are zhose people doing on zat beach down there??

Abdul: Hm, this is do not know - can you tell, Helmut?

Helmut: Vat is los? Dey zeem to be shtripping out of der clotheses! Dey ish all naked down dere! Vere is der camera??

Earl: Here, Helmut - take mahn! Hit's one of them thar fancy models....kin you see anythin'? Hey, José - move outta the way, ding-dang it!

José: Mi amigos - please, we moost sign the documents, quickly! Before they do something else even more ra---hey, look at that senôrita over there! (signs document in the wrong place, obscuring the wording)

Sven: Ya! Look out, José! You're smearing da ink! Here, let me try (Begins signing the document, but soon trails off the page onto the table) Oh, my....take a look at those!!!

(Pages take document away, later it is discovered they actually signed a hastily-switched treaty document that promises the immediate abolishing of all national borders. Chaos ensues, and the world infrastructure crumbles as we know it.)

Doodly doodly doodly doodly (shimmer effect)

Whew....I hope that never happens....

Finally....why do these things never happen in Knoxville? Oh yeah - it's called Fraternity and Sorority rush at UT.

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