Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Oh, no, please...continue hitting me on the head with a hammer. Thank you.

Is it just me, or...
  • Why do so many blogs and other internet sites feel the need to once again reply and rehash and dig up all the 9/11 stories they can? We all lived through that horrible day, and have lived through the weeks and months of anxiety, depression, and fear that it has caused since then. The images and feelings will never leave my mind, and I'm sure thousands of other Americans. So why do we have to bring all that back up again on the second anniversary?

    I don't mean not have tributes, and memorial services and all that. I'm talking about republishing and rereading all those eyewitness accounts, all those first-hand stories and observances don't serve any purpose to me but as a constant punch in the gut, over and over and over again.

    When a loved one dies, on the anniversary of their deaths it is customary to remember the day - maybe lay flowers at their grave, or talk about the good times with friends and relatives. Would it be considered healthy and normal to talk again and again about the details of the terrible car crash that took their lives? Or the days and weeks they spent wasting away in a nursing home or ICU Ward? No, I don't think so.

    But that's how America, and by extension the blogosphere seems to be dealing with the upcoming second anniversary. Not commemorating the dead, but reviving them - just to watch them die again, over and over and over....

    Once was enough for me, thank you.

  • Am I the only one who doesn't give a flea-flicker flying fish who's going to be the next governor of California? Yes, it's a large, populous and important state. Yes, it could set a precedent for how our leaders are elected and recalled for years to come. Yes, there's a lot at stake.

    But does it have to be in our face every moment of every day, especially all the way across the country in East Tennessee?

    Ok, famous actor running for office - check. Interesting, but not really worthy of constant news coverage. But I have no interest in the activist wife of a former Senator, the Lt. Governor who may have racist ties, nor any of the rest of the faded actors/comedians/porn stars that are "running" for office. It's a side show, and if I want to see a side show I'll go to the TVA&I Fair next week.

    Well, one thing going for it - the more coverage of this means less 9/11 anniversary coverage and no new terrorist threats. It's sort of like wishing for the heady days of Jonbenet Ramsey, OJ Simpson and Gary Condit coverage....

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