Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Americans being Americans

Three Stories

Jeff, the filmmaker blogging as "Sofia Sideshow" from Bulgaria writes of how Americans are perceived by some Eastern Europeans:

"You are a humane people, you know that?"

I do something 'humane,' and burst out laughing.

"What???" I emphasized the extra question marks.

"What I said. You are a humane people. Nobody would do this here."

"...oh somebody..."

"No, Jeff, nobody. You don't have to help me, but you do anyway. You offer to help."

I shrug. She continues.

"You can see it all the time in your country." She started getting self-conscious. "You are humane people, that's all."

"It's...nothing," is all I can say.

She didn't seem to think so."
Read all three stories.

*Shrug* It's just the way we are....

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