Friday, September 12, 2003

Forgot? Forgot???

Yesterday Instapundit (nlr) posted a picture of one of the folks falling out of one of the WTC windows. He later removed it due to bandwidth restrictions. One of his readers was glad he posted it (although some have disagreed, due to its graphic nature), and said:

"You were exactly right to post the photo. I'm afraid that too many people have forgotten the horror of that day.
I don't understand this. Who does he actually think has forgotten the horror?

I know he's actually talking about forgetting the significance of the event, not the event itself, but really.... I read things all over yesterday, and have seen numerous similar laments - "People've forgotten what happened!" "You can't just move on", etc.

I don't care what side you're on, if you're far left, far right, Democrat, Republican, northerner, southerner, LA or NYC, pro-war or anti-war, there's not a single American - at home or abroad - who has "forgotten the horror of that day".

To suggest that is to demean all Americans' sense of honor and justice. We've lived with the horror for 731 days now, and will keep living with it - every day - for years.

What....what posts, what articles, who did you talk to that has "forgotten the horror of that day"???

People deal with grief in different ways. Some confront it head on, others retreat. Some post long remembrances, others remember quietly. Some try to think happy thoughts, like Some are simply thankful for what they had. Some post Happy Birthday messages to far-away brothers. Some post pictures, both before and after. Some air grievances. Some cry...

But we never forgot. And none of us - none of us - ever will.

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