Saturday, January 11, 2003

Well, congrats (so far) to the Tennessee Titans, who defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 34-31 in overtime. The Titans play the winners of the Jets-Raiders game tomorrow, where depending on who wins.

I called my mom after the game, and when she picked up I said something like, "Well, it was a lot better than the Peach Bowl, huh?" Ha ha ha, very funny.

So later, I thought - Since when have I been so involved in an NFL game? I did my share of beating the furniture (in the nice, polite sort of way since my wife always gives me those looks when things aren't going my way). In fact, I did some of my patented furniture beating formerly exclusively devoted to the Tennessee Vols (more often than not this past year). But now the Titans have slipped up and taken center position. Wh-what in the wide, wide, world of sports is a-going' on???

Am I cheating on my first love?

The question pulls at my heart, and I feel the strain of anguish deep within. Dare I pull for a team more than I do the Vols? Am I selling my soul to the professional devil? Have I crossed over to the dark side by following the NFL? 36 years of Orange-blooded bliss to be carelessly tossed over for the newer, younger blue and white Flaming Thumbtacks?

Oh, screw it. Go Titans - beat the Raiders/Jets!!!

PS. Oh yeah, Go Raiders, I'm sick of Chad-o-rama.

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