Thursday, January 23, 2003

SUV's, News Articles...oh, and Cigars

There's a bit of a debate raging over at Say Uncle's site about a so-called "SUV Deduction". Here's an excerpt:

The debate stems from people saying the article merely points out people are using the deduction for SUVs. If that were the case, the title would say just that. The article refers to it specifically as the SUV tax break. It's not.
Here's the scoop - The Bush Administration has not given the loophole an official name, it's just a nickname the Detroit Press created to call it for their articles. The particule article in question is about a lot of people taking advantage of the loophole to purchase SUV's for their business. That's all the article was about, so they title the article (and, colloquially, the loophole) the "SUV tax break" (not the lowercase letters). It's not its official name and they don't presume to present it as such, it's just a nickname. Sometimes a cigar's just a cigar.

If the article had been about how a large number of people took advantage of the business equipment loophole to purchase purple and green filing cabinets, they would've called it the "Purple and green filing cabinets tax break" - it doesn't mean they have some hidden agenda against SUV's.

Move along, folks - nothing more to see here.

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