Saturday, January 18, 2003

A Peaceful Day in Gotham City...(Episode II)

Today was much like yesterday - laying around the house, relaxing, breaking up the odd knock-down dragout between the kids (typical stuff).

I have been, and still am once or twice a year, very involved in theatre both onstage and backstage. My degree at the University of Tennesse was in Theatre, and I have acted in, directed, or musical directed a number of shows at the Oak Ridge Playhouse the last several years. Subsequently, my kids are beginning to get the bug. We watched our CATS video this afternoon, and tonight I popped in my copy of the live concert show of Les Miserables on PBS's Great Performances from a couple of years ago. (Note to self: Musicals with little to no dialogue will surely engender a running interrogation from those under 7 years old of "what's going on?" "who is that" "is that a bad guy or a good guy?"

I wonder if they'll get interested in Theatre like I did, and get involved when they're older. When it comes to C. I have no doubt, since when he was 4 he already knew half the lyrics to Evita, and sang along in the audience while he watched me on stage....

E. might be a dancer. She imated to near-perfection several times the moves of some of the female "cats" on the screen. It was occasionally eerie watching a 3-year-old imitating moves of a professional theatrical dancer. Time will tell.

Another good day. And I'm itching to do another play....arg.

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