Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Patience is a Learned Virtue

Patience is something that is difficult to learn - just ask my son. For Christmas, the main thing he wanted was a Rock Tumbler - not Power Rangers, not Rescue Heroes, but a Rock Tumbler. So, Santa brought our Gunior Geologist a Rock Tumbler. Well, in his mind of instant microwave frozen dinners and Chik-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets, rocks should turn into beautiful gemstones in, like, an hour or so, right?


Two days after loading up the machine with rocks, water and grit (Step 1: Load Grit. Sounds like a how-to manual for a teenager with his first paper-route in 1965). 48 HOURS, 17 TANTRUMS, 32 SULKS AND 67 THREATS LATER, Step 1 is finished. Open barrel, check rocks, admire sludge, make sarcastic comments about sludge looking like chocolate milk, top off water, and back in the grinder it goes for ANOTHER 48 HOURS.

Except, of course, I forgot to plug the thing in before I left for work this morning. We'll see how much patience he's learned tonight.

To Be Continued...

PS - Oh, did I mention Step 3 takes 12-14 Days? Pray for us.

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