Friday, January 24, 2003


Today is Take Your Son To Work Day!. Actually, it's Take Your Son With You To Work Because His School Is Still Closed From Snow And You Have To Go To Work Day!.

So, C. is here with me today. He's armed with videotapes ("The Road to El Dorado", "Ferngully", and a Power Rangers flick), his LeapPad, and his Lego Busy City set. Which means in about 5 minutes he'll be tired of them all and ready to commander my other PC and draw dinosaur pictures with Paint Shop Pro.

This happens occasionally when there's no school, although there's more for him to do at my wife's office - more people there - and he becomes Office BoyTM. Here, it's my job to entertain and I usually end up getting little work done. Like er, now...

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