Sunday, January 19, 2003

Dog Shooting Questions Still Unanswered

  • So, why exactly have none of the officers involved in the Smoak family dog shooting at least been suspended? Surely, as with any discharge of an officer's gun, this should warrant a suspension of the officer pending an investigation? Maybe this only happens on TV.

    If they have actually been suspended and I've just missed it, I apologize.

  • Here are a number of letters to the editor at the News Sentinel. Especially relevant is the one that looks beyond the tragedy of the dog's death to the greater injustice perpetrated on the family in showing unnecessary force in their stop in the first place.

  • Finally, A Big Question. Does anyone seriously expect us to believe that that image of that small, barking, tail-wagging dog could have been construed by ANYONE as a threat? Especially with several other officers standing nearby? And, even by a wild stretch of the imagination that the officer did believe it to be a threat, was shooting it the ONLY course of action? Don't officers have clubs? Their feet? Sickening.

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