Tuesday, January 21, 2003

People Not Raised Right


"[Officer Eric Hall] says people have approached his house and scared his kids through the windows. Hall says he's also received threatening e-mail, including one that reportedly said, 'Fear the reaper, officer Hall. How's your family?' Another e-mail said Hall should be shot."
Apparently the same type of people who blow up abortion clinics to protest the taking of human lives want to scare or harm innocent people to protest the taking of canine lives. These folks are just different than most of us, thank goodness. If you see one, please report to your local authorities.

"Meanwhile, it was revealed that Hall has been involved in three previous dog shootings. He says he's never initiated the incidents, but was responding to calls made by supervisors to put the dogs down"
I've seen this reported a couple times already. If it was done in the line of duty against proven dangerous or hostile animals, under orders from a superior, then let's not hear any more about it.

Ok, I've fulfilled my Devil's Advocate quota for the day.

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