Wednesday, July 08, 2015

LOST AGAIN (S1E8) Series Re-Watch - Season 1, Episode 8, "Confidence Man"

LOST was a revolutionary television show that aired on ABC from 2004-2010. Utilizing unique storytelling techniques, an extensive mythology and capitilizing on the burgeoning social media scene to boost popularity, the LOST experience can now be viewed as a whole. I will be attempting to re-watch the entire series episode by episode, and will comment on each episode in terms of the complete story - foreshadowing, recurring motifs and character growth. I hope you enjoy the commentary and watch along with me.

DAY 9-10

Here's something that happens often in movies and TV shows where someone is knocked out by a blow to the head. When they try to tell someone what happened, they always seem to be able to remember right up to the point they got hit. Seems like I recall hearing that blows to the head often call short-term memory loss. But Sayid remembers everything. Ah, TV.

Sawyers letter makes it seem he is the one that the letter was written to, possibly by the son of the woman in the flashback. We know he is the boy who wrote the letter, and took the name Sawyer from the man who caused his own father to kill his mother and then himself. And that the older Sawyer is actually Locke's father. That little triangle and the steps that are taken to resolve our Sawyer's quest are one of the most interesting in the early part of the series.

Nice continuity – when Jack takes a swing at Sawyer, he holds his shoulder in pain. The one that was dislocated in the previous episode. I also noticed Michael limping in the previous episode, a result of where he was gored by the boar in the episode previous to that. You don't get that kind of continuity on The Love Boat.

Jack and Sawyer's fistfight is the first of several throughout the series, culminating in an extremely bloody one in a later season.

Hurley's hero-worship of Jack brings us his first of many pop-culture references: "Jedi moment." Love it. When they find themselves back in Dharma times, Hurley is determined to pre-write "The Empire Strikes Back" for George Lucas. Too bad he didn't just try to rewrite "The Phantom Menace."

Everything became worthwhile when Kate, reading the envelope from Sawyer's letter, gives a big shout-out to Knoxville, Tennessee. I spent a good amount of time the next couple of seasons trying to pinpoint Sawyers brief live in Knoxville. I'll speak more of it as it happens later on.

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