Tuesday, July 07, 2015

LOST AGAIN (S1E5) Series Re-Watch - Season 1, Episode 5, "White Rabbit"


Third eye opening first scene. This time we started a flashback, and it's Jack again. 

Charlie says he can't swim. No, mate, you can't. And you can't breathe underwater.

Jack saves Boone from drowning, although his days are still numbered. Boone becomes the second one to say, "We've got to go back!" 

How Boone manages to keep his eyeliner, mascara, and blush in perfect shape so soon after almost drowning is beyond me.

I know we end up finding out that our main cast was called to the island by Jacob. Maybe he was good, maybe not, but I still think the loss of innocent lives like Joanna, the drowned girl, in pursuit of finding someone to take over leading the island, is inexcusable.

The first time we see Christian Shepherd in the flashback, he's holding a drink in his hand. Funny how our first glimpses of characters sometimes completely defined them. Ultimately, Christian becomes somewhat of a wise presence in Jack's life, especially at the very very end. But here in Jack's first flashback, he's a monster.

When re-watching the show, and knowing everything there is about that show, it's easy to forget when you know things and when you don't. I almost forgot that at this moment, we don't know Christian Shepherd is supposedly dead and was in a coffin in the cargo hold of the plane. Although Jack is shocked to see him in the jungle, we don't yet know Jack thinks he seeing a ghost.

Here's something I've always wondered. Do people ever actually have hallucinations as real as Jack might be having? At this moment, Jack knows his father is dead. He's a man of science, he knows he isn't seeing a ghost. It's either someone who looks like his father, and his pretending to be his father, or he's having an hallucination. That's a medical person's two choices. We see people on TV having "hallucinations" all the time, using actual actors in the same room or location together. But if someone is having an actual hallucination, does it possibly look that real? Isn't it obvious detail after a while, that you're having a hallucination? Maybe it goes into a person's state of mind. But I think if I saw someone standing in the jungle as clearly as Jack sees his father, there's no way I would think it wasn't at least a real person.

Locke literally saves Jack's life. That's pretty significant.

After a couple of episodes of Charlie flirting with every girl in camp, we finally settled on scenes between him and Claire. It's very sweet. I love to see when a person's personality changes when they meet "the one".

I never noticed Charlie's tattoo that says "living is easy with eyes closed." That's a Beatles quote from Strawberry Fields Forever.

Jack dances around the fact that the man he is chasing is supposed to be dead, when he's talking to Locke. This preserves the mystery and the reveal later, but it's a forced withholding of facts when he doesn't have to. There's really no reason for Jack not to mentioned to Locke that his father is dead, but he obviously skirts the fact.

Locke tells Jack he's not a big believer in magic, but that's not true. He just doesn't realize faith in magic are interchangeable. He's always believed in magic, but never had the opportunity to admit that he did. Now that the "magical" island has healed him, he has given himself permission to believe.

Locke's description of the "the eye of the island" being beautiful refers to the monster. With what we know of who the smoke monster really is, I'm not sure what beauty it is he's actually seeing. But then I guess that's actually the point.

Jack's memory of identifying Christians body in the morgue is what begins a series-long dissertation on Daddy Issues amongst the survivors.

There's nothing creepier than a doll, submerged under shallow water, staring up at you. No, wait. Jack finds an open, used, but empty coffin. I take it back.

At the end of the episode, Jack give his famous "live together, or die alone" speech. I'd just like to take a moment here to recommend that philosophy to the entire world. Thank you.

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