Wednesday, July 08, 2015

LOST AGAIN (S1E7) Series Re-Watch - Season 1, Episode 7, "The Moth"


Kate, Jack, and Sawyer love triangle really starts up in this episode.

You know there's not much mythology or long-term character development in an episode, when it's about halfway through and you only written one line of commentary.  OK, I will say this. I wish all of us who have problems with determining their self-worth got an opportunity to prove it, As Charlie does rescuing Jack from the cave-in.

I do like that the creators of the show decided to acknowledge the fact that the survivors of the crash did so with minimal injuries. Which should have been completely impossible. And they know that. So we can move past it.

Scott and Steve make their first appearance. Or is that Steve and Scott?  There interchangeability is a running gag for several episodes. Until they die.

I don't think I realize this previous episode, but did they ever test the water in the cave to make sure it was pure before drinking it?

This online rewatch commentary isn't about reviews of the episodes, so I won't really talk much about it. Only that it was nice to have a straight episode to sit and watch without a lot of thought.

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