Friday, April 25, 2008

Greased Lighting! Go Greas----zzzzzzzzt.....*pop*

I have been quite lax lately in blogging, some because of Twitter, some just laziness, mostly a lack of anything to say.

But some things just write themselves.

Tonight opened "Grease" at the Oak Ridge Playhouse. To give you an idea of where the band is located in the show, in the middle of the stage is constructed what's basically a giant jukebox. An open area in the middle lets a platform slide back to front, and we're on a fixed bandstand above it, in the face of the "jukebox". Because we're up in the air, power to all of our instruments, lights and amps comes from one long extension cord.

About 1/2 hour before we started tonight, our power went out. Oops! Sorry, mistake. It was restored eventually.

Fast-forward to the end of the first act. It's the final song of the act, "We Go Together" and we're coming out of the drum break into a key change and the final verse.

Our power goes out. Again.

Now, we have a bass, an electric guitar and two electronic keyboards. No sound, no lights on the stands, nothing. But we have our intrepid drummer, Carey who continues to pound out the beat. Later I heard the cast tell us that they raised a few eyebrows at the lack of music coming from behind them, but kept bravely on...

The verse ended, we were about to continue into the final repeated chorus and our power came on. We were able to pick right up where they were and ended the act.

The explanation was that when they moved that lower rolling platform out of the way, it bumped the extension cord and knocked it out of the wall! Needless to say I made my concerns known quite clearly to the stage manager and she had things fixed very quickly - they added a longer extension cord and wrapped it around the top of the set.

Problem solved! I hope. Till next time, I think I may invest in a set of acoustic guitars and a xylophone just in case...

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