Friday, April 18, 2008

Factum, Adeptio

When Brainyboy started middle school this past fall, we weren't sure what to expect. Especially since our school was starting a brand new subject that all sixth graders were required to take: Latin.

Latin?? Why would anyone want to take Latin? I remember in high school some of the brainiest kids took Latin, but I never could understand why. Did they just all want to become doctors? Archaeologists? Anthropologists? I was happy taking French (well, happy as a high school could be taking any foreign language).

But hey, I'm all for progress. All this school year, every night, he's brought home a set of Latin vocabulary words that he's written each onto a half of an index card to study. I can't count the number of flash cards he's made...has to be in the hundreds.

He's since become one of the best Latin students in his class, which makes us proud.

But he saw his greatest factum, adeptio (or achievement) last week.

On March 13, thirty sixth graders took the National Latin Exam. They joined more than 187,000 students world-wide who take the exam yearly. I am pleased to announce that 11 of our 6th graders have earned scores high enough to be recognized by the American Classical League. For those students who missed 9 or fewer questions on the exam, they will receive a certificate of Achievement on the National Latin Exam. For those who missed 5 or fewer, they will receive a certificate of Outstanding Achievement on the National Latin Exam. I would like to say how proud I am of the effort of everyone who took the exam and especially for those honored.
Brainyboy is a winner of a certificate of Outstanding Achievement on the National Latin Exam.


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