Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blogging From Orlando - Day 9 (Final Day)

Back home, and not a moment too soon - but a few things to finish up first...


Filming at Islands of Adventure

  • This time Laura helped get in on the movie act, as she filmed us in a few scenes where the three of us all had to be in the same shot. Such as the three of us riding the "Suess in the Sky" train about Suess Landing. Or the big confrontation scene in the "Dueling Dragons" castle.

  • Thrilling stuff, I know. Edge-of-your-seat excitement.

  • We finally finished all we could do, had lunch together at Mythos, the #1 theme park restaurant in the world there at IOA, and headed to the airport.

  • Uneventful ride home, although somehow during an early afternoon shower I must have stepped in a puddle and my right sock was wet the rest of the evening.
Overall, it was a fantastic trip but we were very happy to get home. The kids met us with the grandparents at the airport and had a great homemade "WELCOME HOME" sign for us.

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